Websites and podcasts I’ve found helpful: – among many other things, these guys offer webinars all the time. If you become a member ($50/yr for an individual, $20/yr for students). They also have a lot of other resources. I’m not currently a member, but have heard great things. One good thing about joining is that you get unlimited access to all their webinars (if you’re not a member, you pay/event) with Tara McGillcuddy. Tara is great, because she offers free classes once a month. Personally, I stick to just the free one, but she has some great guests, and I believe you get unlimited access to playing past seminars by joining her website. As a side note, she also has a podcast that is free.

ADHD Laurie Dupar is another great resource. She has a lot of great free contact that she offers on her website and the various seminars she hosts. Just recently, she hosted the ADHD and Motivation week long telesummit. I was only able to “attend” a few of her sessions, but those that I did listen to were great! And Laurie has more great content all the time. is hosted by Alan Brown, who I discovered when he was a guest at the ADHD annual telesummit hosted by Laurie Dupar. He offers coaching services, but has lots of great content on his website that is completely free!

Books to check out:

You mean I’m not lazy stupid or crazy?: The Classic Self-help book for Adults with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo

This book details some of the many areas that Adult ADDers struggle with. I actually listened to the online version and it was very insightful.