I recently saw an inspiring post at a new blog I discovered called The Art of ADD  that was full of great quotes. Many of these are just great quotes in general, but the author also includes many that are specific to, or is especially applicable to an ADD life.

I might not have the time to search out hundreds of quotes for you, but I can absolutely share some from the existing list and tell you my thoughts, how I’v found it helpful. My hope is to inspire and encourage (hopefully) weekly.

And so, please welcome the addition of “Wisdom Wednesdays” to this humble site! {audience clap}. We’ll start with something easy, and someone that many of you already know and respect…

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

Zig Ziglar

Now, I think that most people have trouble with self-esteem and negativity, however that is never more true than when you’re talking to an adult ADDer…so many of us have had trouble with learning and experienced personal defeat in so many areas that it becomes easier to just tell yourself you “can’t” do something because of your ADD/ADHD.

self-talk02Not only will this negative self-talk never help, it is actually self sabotaging. “Self talk” consists of those things that your inner voice tells you. You know, that constant stream of diaologue that happens in your head? Yeah, it’s that…but you have the power to CHOOSE how you think!  It takes some time to recalibrate, but is so worth it.

Told  that we are dumb, lazy or stupid when we had trouble with a task or school asignment as children, we began to believe the lies we were told, not realizing that we may have a challeging barrier to success, there are tools and resources to help us combat the battle against our own negativity.

You can, and will make the change. And when you do, you’ll likely be empowered to get more done, and have more success with the things you do try. If it’s something you struggle with, I encourage you to do a google search for negative self talk, as there quite a few resources for you and this is a constant area of struggle for ADDers.

Good luck to you, friends as you work on bringing more positivity to your life!


P.S negative self is something that I struggle with personally. I don’t claim to have it all together…  I am just here to bring light to some of the struggles that those with ADD/ADHD have throughout ther lives.

Blog Notes: This quote and others found at: http://www.theartofadd.com/2012/11/16/50-inspirational-quotes-for-adders-to-live-by/ Picture found at http://consciouscollectives.co.uk/images/self-talk02.jpg