Hi There!

Thanks for joining me. My name is Jessica, and this blog is where I share my life. Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in my late college years, I’m still navigating the waters of how to cope with all of the idiosyncrasies that come along with it…historically speaking, there are so many ADD individuals who have made a huge impact on others. While I don’t anticipate being the next Thomas Edison or Richard Branson, my simple goal is to learn how to harness the positives and truly thrive with ADD.

This blog is about that journey and wherever that life takes me…I have an entrepreneurial bent, and love baking for others…my dream is to be able to bake specialty items that just plain make people smile, by the taste AND how they look.

My goal with this blog is to document the ups and downs of life with ADD – whether that be naturally finding better ways of focusing (diet and exercise), discovering whether medication might be for me, finding ways to tame the mess that my whirlwind of a mind tends to leave behind, and even determining ways that ADD impacts my relationships.

While this might be for “me,” my hope, dear reader, is that it may help you or someone you know someday…even if it’s just to give you a good laugh.



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