Yesterday I made cupcakes for Boyfriend’s friend at work. They were gloriously gluten free, similar to a carrot cake. But that’s another post. I put them in the fridge (cream cheese, you know…) and was quite proud of myself for finding space in the never-enough-space-for-what-we-need-refrigerator.

But then, I remembered that I wanted to show you, dear readers, and tell you all about what I’d made (that’s still to come, I promise!). Which meant…crawling out of bed, a search for the phone, and trek back to the kitchen. And photograph I did. I even sent some pictures to the friend in question. Quite satisfied with the product (and myself for remembering before the cupcakes disappeared for good), I popped them back in the fridge and headed back to the bedroom.

Well. This morning I was not so pleased with myself. Into the kitchen I walked, focused on mentally gathering everything I needed for work (Yes, I continually tell myself that I should do this in the evening…but I digress).

There, sitting on the kitchen table was a package…


A sad and lonely package of beef fajitas that had been picked up at the deli a day or so earlier. Yes, you guessed it…I left the uncooked fajitas out over night. Awesome…or, you know….NOT.

Now, I’m not so dramatic that six dollars worth of marinated beef and veggies is gonna throw me over the edge. But I was quite disappointed with myself. As I thought about it, you see, I do recall getting them out of the refrigerator. But as I clicked away with the camera, that mix of red bell peppers, onions, and delightfully pre-marinated meat quickly vanished from existence in my head.

Even though it was the only thing on the table.

You see, with ADD, I have a problem with focusing. Many times, it’s hard to focus on complicated, detailed things. Other times I hyper focus on something. It’s a double edged sword, because often I do my best work in times of hyperfocus. But other times, the absent-mindedness that comes along with it gets the best of me.

Do I have the solution? No. But there are ways of coping and learning to use theses quirks as assets. Because they are. Somehow. Even if I haven’t figured that out yet.

But for today, I’m thankful for a supportive family and boyfriend who try to understand, learn about this with me, and above all, are unendingly patient with me.

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