I love podcasts. They are a great way to learn, catch up on news, and more. A few days a week, my commute to work is a over an hour, so I alternate between podcasts and audio books on these trips, depending on my mood and how tired I am.

Oftentimes, I listen to these and get inspired to take action (or work on the blog every once in a while!), work on an idea, return to a project that might have fallen by the wayside, et cetera.

But here’s the problem with my brain….Attention Deficit means I have trouble focusing on one thing. The upside to this is that I’m always looking at things in a creative way and coming up with new ideas. The downside (and to Boyfriend’s chagrin) is that I rarely keep with a project to “completion.”

Tonight on my drive, I was reminded of a principle introduced to me by my podcast “friend” John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire Podcaster). He has an acronym that I absolutely love…but struggle to follow.






How awesome is that? But here’s the problem… just on my way here, I was reminded that I need (or want, as the case may be) to work on the following:

  • update my mom’s POS register for her upcoming show
  • Develop my own crafty project for said show (that will be doubling as a wedding gift for a friend)
  • Email a couple of people regarding some work for my day job
  • Clean my car so I can get back on the road (I do some rideshare driving on the side. For more info my experience with this, check back soon!)
  • Organize my MANY cake decorating supplies
  • Work on my model cake project(s)
  • watch a youtube to develop my skills with my online business.
  • Schedule time to workout (and just develop a more disciplined schedule to add life balance)
  • Work on my budget to pay off my student loans and start really saving money
  • Find more time to spend outdoors in nature.

Did you keep up with all that? I think the most frustrating part is that I can’t write down all the developing plans while I’m driving!!!  And that doesn’t even include any actual action steps.

I think the key to this is to follow ONE course of action until success (or completion…or failure as the case may occasionally be!). The question, for me, becomes which items to focus on? There’s only 24 hours in each day…And I like to use at least some of those sleeping! So, my goal between now and Christmas (just a friendly reminder, only 2 months left as of this writing!) is to work on a better schedule. Pick ONE project to focus on each day (because, let’s face it, I’m not likely going to be giving up any of these any time soon!)…and maybe see if there is anything else I might be able to put on the back burner.

This week, my goal will be to do some updates for my mom’s POS and to prep the car to get back on the road….some of those other things will just have to wait!

My challenge to you? Figure out what you should set your F.O.C.U.S. on. What ONE project do you need to pursue right now? Why is this the best use of your time? What goals do you have set?

Are you like me? Do you have more projects and ideas to work on than you could possibly hope to accomplish? How do you prioritize what needs to happen now, put on the back burner, or trashed completely? I would love to hear what you are doing in the comments below!



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