I’ve had a productive couple of days, my dear friends. But sometimes that focus results in exhaustion.

For the last three days, I’ve left work planning to bake. But once again, after leaving class, I find myself uninterested in the prospect. It seems like so much work. Like, a LOT of work. I have to decide which recipe to use, make sure I have all of the ingredients, gather the supplies, clean the ones I used for class and haven’t had a chance to clean, and then I have to actually make the recipe. Not to mention that I also need to make and color the icing. And fondant/gum paste for some smaller details. And that’s all before cleanup. Oy.

Seriously. Whose idea was this, anyway?!?!

Perhaps, my lovely readers, you have, with this seemingly silly admission, dubbed me as “lazy.” And I won’t deny that I am a little bit.

But I also think there is more going on. The sheer act of starting. Of getting to and making all of those small decisions. It’s a little overwhelming.

I’m reminded of a book that I read (well, part of it, anyway) that talked about how to organize your house if you have ADD. Things that seem like extra steps make small tasks seem…insurmountable. For example, I have a set of drawers where I keep my socks. But the book recommended having open storage, so that there is nothing to open every time I need to put something away. And to store things where you actually use them…

And in thinking of this, I think I know part of the problem. You see, dear reader, I eat gluten free (for the duration of a little test I’m doing, at least…I’ll write about that one day soon. I promise), but no one else in my house does. That means that all my stuff gets put on a shelf separated from the items containing gluten, etc.

Well, this was fine for awhile. But as I’ve started baking more, my repertoire of supplies has expanded…drastically. I now how a half bookshelf of supplies that’s overflowing and contains maybe half of my things. So, every time I want to bake, I have to go FIND the supplies. Where have they been stored most recently? Do I still have enough of X, Y, and Z supplies to actually make my recipe? And there are some funny ingredients that no one else would even look for, so if they’re not on hand, they won’t go on a store list…do you know when I last made a list for the store? Ha.

Except when Boyfriend makes me. But that’s usually for a specific meal. Anyhow…

The question is, what’s my solution? I’d love to have dedicated kitchen space. But that doesn’t seem likely to happen any time in the near future. And my dedicated shelves help, but they’re not in the kitchen, so that is an unfortunately added extra step (quite a few extra steps, in actuality).

Today, I’ll try to organize the shelves. But I know full well that this won’t solve my problem, unfortunately.

Perhaps I’ll go back to that book – if I can find it – and see what ideas they have.

And in the meantime, I’ve really got to bake those cupcakes…

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