-If you want to change your life around, It will change your life mightilyLately I’ve been struggling with some frustrating situations in my life. I was at an event at my alma mater last week and they were having a pre-Thanksgiving “Day of Gratitude.” It struck me how caught up I have been in my current situation when I have so much to be thankful for and appreciative of in my life. I thought maybe I would post a thing a day during the month of November, but realized I was way too close to the holiday to have that be a decent list. So, here I am…

And here goes. I’m thankful…

  1. …that I have a family that loves me.
  2. …for the support of my parents in all the things I’ve done and tried.
  3. …that I have a warm and comfortable place to lay my head each night.
  4. …to have a reliable car that gets me to work, has cargo space I need on the job, and can comfortably let me give friends and family a ride.
  5. …for the many learning opportunities that I’ve had in life. Not just for my formal education, but that I’ve discovered other avenues to continue learning even when I’m on the go.
  6. …for the support of a boyfriend who encourages me in my dreams, but still keeps me grounded.
  7. …that my family always has enough food on the table.
  8. …that I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in the same community where I grew up, giving me the opportunity to connect in new ways and even help give back.
  9. …for the peace and calm that I get from the precious quiet mornings I occasionally get surrounded by trees and mountains.
  10. …the ability to take vacations and spend time with my friends and family, even if it isn’t very often.
  11. …that I’m able to bless people with my baking.
  12. …for my family’s patience with the mess that comes along with my baking endeavors.
  13. …for my growing knowledge of my ADHD and how to work with it and utilize the strengths that come with it.
  14. …my family’s and boyfriend’s patience with my ADHD tendencies and the challenges it creates….and their help in coming up with workable solutions
  15. …to have a job where I get to be active and work with my hands.
  16. …that I sometimes get to travel and see new places with my work.
  17. …a chance to work alongside my boyfriend and on a business that gives him (and us) flexibility
  18. …a love for good food and the chance to try new things.
  19. ….my health and ability to be active.
  20. …that I have a job and don’t have to worry about insurance or daily expenses.
  21. …for the internet. It might have shortcomings, but it’s an amazing source of connection and information.
  22. …the ability to create art. I might not be good at it, but it’s a pastime that I enjoy and relieves stress.
  23. …for friends who, though I don’t see them often, I know I can pick up with right where we left off.
  24. …for lazy Sunday afternoons.
  25. …warm sunshine on a cool day
  26. …for all the little things I’m not going to include for fear of boring you all!

What are you thankful for today? Let me know in the comments!

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